Sri Kanteerava Narasimharaja Sports Club (Mysore Sports Club)

About us

In the year 1933, His Highness the Yuvaraja of Mysore inaugurated Mysore Sports Club (Sri Kanteerava Narasimharaja Sports Club). The club was situated at the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, which, for miles around, identified the location of Mysore City. The sylvan surroundings truly enhance the architecture of the club building. Tiled roofs, glass frontage, and quaint windows, much of it still the same as they were three-quarters of a century ago, lend a beauty and old-world charm to the club.

The Maharajah, HH Sri Jayachamraja wadiyar, facilitated the gifting of 3.5 acres of land with the beautiful building to the Club. In 1959, the Silver Jubilee of Sports Club, with great grandeur was organised and the club progressed appreciably. The old block of cottages was purchased in 1960 and in 1972 that entire portion; from the club portico to the main boulevard was acquired in 1978. The Yezdi Bar building to the Club. In 1979 two blocks of cottages were constructed and in 1982, the community hall, which today house the Shuttle Badminton Court of International standard.

While the intrinsic beauty of the club has been maintained, a lot of progress into modernity has been made. All forms of membership total 1220. Affiliations, With the better clubs, are legion, throughout India. Some foreign affiliations, in the U.K. and Australia, have also been established. The Club’s affairs are managed by a committee elected annually,

Apart from Shuttle Badminton in a hall, With an international standard wooden court, billiards, table tennis, and State of the art Swimming pool form the more active sports activities. Cards, (Rummy) find great participation. A large comfortable lounge, modern AC Dining Hall facilities, a lovely outdoor area for dining, a children’s playground, a lovely bar with an air-conditioned annexe are some of the clubs facilities. The old wooden-floored ballroom with stage for the band is still very much in existence. Even today, the flooring parquet is in excellent condition. Above the floor and stage is a balcony with an adjoining, large banquet hall.

The Club’s chambers are in great demand.16 cottages and 4 heritage rooms are constantly occupied, especially in the racing, Dussehra and summer seasons. Mysore is a transit point for those escaping the heat in summer to go to the Nilgiris.

Mysore is still a very laid-back city and people are very easy in their attitude to life. A lot of old world charm and values are still evident. No where is all this more noticeable than in the Mysore Sports Club. It is a very easy paced quaint Club with the elite of the Mysore Society as its members. Yet snobbery is not heard of in the Club, but one’s dignity and privacy are appreciated and protected in every facet of the Sports Club’s ambience… Sree Kanteerava Narasimharaja Sports Club is a unique club.